Our mission is to help clients gain clarity - to manage their finances with a purpose that isn't only about making money, but making sure their money helps them achieve their goals.

LK Wealth and Asset Management


Both Wealth and Asset Management

Asset management is just what it sounds like: the management of your assets and determining which investments are well-suited to your financial situation. An asset manager helps with asset allocation, based on market outlook and expected rates of return, and choosing how to divide your investable assets across different asset classes – from tangible assets, including real estate, art and precious metals to intangible or financial assets like stocks and bonds.

Wealth management, on the other hand, takes a broader view. It focuses on an individual or family’s overall financial situation and takes steps, not only to maximize wealth, but protect it when things like education; estate and retirement planning; and charitable giving are taken into account. The wealth manager works with you to develop a plan that not only meets your needs and objectives today, but helps re-balance your assets as those needs and goals change over time.

Again, while asset management is focused on growing an investor’s money, wealth management looks to preserve and protect it over the long run, through up and down markets and throughout the client’s lifetime.

What You Can Count On Us To Deliver

When you hire us, our first responsibility will be to help you manage and grow your financial assets, which we have been doing for more than 30 years. This is incumbent upon us as true fiduciaries who put their clients’ interests first. It is our job to provide customized portfolios, actionable strategies and comprehensive financial planning. It is up to us to worry about what can go wrong; to spot new trends early and to take action; to correct course when a choice goes against us; and never to lose the forest for the trees.

But what distinguishes us most is the impact we can have by simply asking questions; by listening for those “Aha” moments when a client says “I hadn’t thought of that”; and challenging some of the assumptions, beliefs and obstacles we often place in our own paths - things that get in the way of achieving what is truly important to each of us.

Our mission is to help clients gain clarity – to help manage their finances with a purpose that isn’t only about making money, but making sure their money helps them achieve their goals. From mortgage finance and lines of credit; referrals to tax and estate planning professionals; to employment contracts and career planning: we can be an indispensable resource.

Who we are

• Senior Portfolio Manager with over 30 years’ experience investing in fixed income; large cap global “gorillas;” emerging markets; and a broad array of alternative asset classes

• In-depth capital market experience

• Knowledgeable. Disciplined. Independent-minded.

What we do

• Offer an integrated approach to asset allocation that encompasses risk management; mission statements; and estate, retirement & philanthropic planning.

• Corporate executive services, including 10b5-1 plan design

• As fiduciaries, we act in the best interest of our clients without hesitation, while minimizing potential conflicts of interest wherever we can

What makes us different

• An investment philosophy based on long-term, demographic trends, which are the underlying driver of supply & demand

• Actively managed portfolios provide deep insight into markets and investment alternatives

• Access to one of the broadest arrays of non-proprietary resources and investment opportunities

• Provide an enviable level of service that is responsive to clients’ needs – when and as needed – and to proactively offer advice so clients can make informed decisions with confidence

• Direct communication and accessibility, 24/7; contact with our Portfolio Manager; and a personal relationship with our team.

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