Corporate Executive Services

We specialize in advising C-Suite executives on the complex financial situations they face, including non-qualified deferred compensation, option based compensation and restricted stock sales that take shareholder optics surrounding all such divestitures into account.

10b5-1 Specialty

We design and implement strategic 10b5-1 Trading Plans for executives and board members of public companies that are personalized to meet their specific needs and objectives.

Executive Financial Services

• Monetization strategies: Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans, block trades, open market sales, private sales

• Hedging strategies: option overlays, zero premium collars, prepaid forward contracts

• Diversification strategies: exchange funds, collateral loans

• Gifting strategies: charitable lead/remainder trusts, donor-advised funds, private family foundations

• Executive compensation consulting, including equity and option analysis

• Non-qualified deferred compensation plan optimization

• Comprehensive cash flow and financial planning

• Boutique investment opportunities

• M&A impact analysis

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