Dynamic Wealth Management for the Family

Estate Planning


Ensuring that your estate is structured to minimize tax costs to your heirs; your documents are up-to-date; and that adequate liquidity is in place

Mission Statement

A statement of purpose: a context within which all decisions, goals and actions are formulated


Employing your wealth to build on your family's vision, and to create a lasting and meaningful legacy which goes beyond your immediate heirs

Investment Management

Asset Allocation

Constructing and dynamically managing customized investment portfolios that seek to achieve your short and long-term financial goals

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Manager search & due diligence

Open source, non-proprietary, best of breed

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Tax Planning

Employing proactive tax strategies to minimize the impact of federal, state and local taxes on your family's wealth

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Ensuring that you have adequate funds to support your retirement lifestyle

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Risk Management


Ensuring that your family's lifestyle and legacy are adequately protected; potential risks are identified, mitigated or transferred in the most cost-effective way


Proactively managing the liability side of your balance sheet to ensure that debt levels are appropriate, cost effective and tax-efficient


Safeguarding the health and well-being of those most important to you

Personal Financial Planning

We work with each of our clients to clarify their personal financial goals for themselves and their families. By intimately learning our clients’ history, philosophy and perspectives, we create a personalized financial plan that is tailored to their unique levels of risk tolerance and cash flow requirements.

Investment Consulting / Asset Management

Our team provides objective investment advice. We take an in-depth, analytical approach in screening investments, creating customized portfolios and providing macro-economic, financial and investment research.

Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction Strategy

All of our portfolios are developed as a function of our clients’ specific goals and risk tolerances. We take a long-term, preservation focused, investment approach coupled with sensitivity to clients’ liquidity and cash flow needs.

Tax Minimization / Optimization

We believe the measure of investment success is not necessarily what you make, but rather what you keep. With this in mind, we employ tax optimization techniques in the management of client portfolio’s.

Solutions for Corporate Executives & Business Owners

We specialize in advising C-level executives on the complex financial situations they face such as restricted stock and option based compensation, non-qualified deferred compensation, cash management, and shareholder optics surrounding divestitures.

10b5-1 Sales Plans for Executives of Public Companies

We advise executives and board members of public companies on the design and implementation of 10b5-1 Trading Plans. Based on a detailed planning process and factoring the various forms of equity ownership, we can design a plan to help meet the specific objectives of the officer.

Family Office Services

For many wealthy families the preservation of the family and its values is as important as the preservation of its wealth. We assist clients in developing a family mission statement, next generation financial education, and bill pay/cash flow management.

Wealth Transfer & Income Planning

We work intimately with individuals, their families and advisors to design the most appropriate wealth transfer strategies.

Philanthropic Giving Assistance

We conceptualize and help create philanthropic strategy for our clients, including the establishment of private foundations, charitable remainder trusts, and donor-advised funds and trusts.

Risk Management

As successful investor’s, our clients face a myriad of risks not necessarily directly related to their investment portfolio. We work with each family to identify and minimize exposures that may adversely impact their financial plans.

Private Banking and Lending Services

We work to offer tailored cash management services, payment services and lending solutions to enhance our client’s liquidity and flexibility.


Our team focuses on managing liabilities and other obligations to help ensure long-term financial stabilization. We work to provide an added layer of protection for client’s specific responsibilities and exposures while educating clients on managing insurance needs to help maintain and preserve wealth.

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